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Which models of Aqaufresh RO is best?

By Sonam Thakur - 25 Feb 2019 1375 0 comments
Which models of Aqaufresh RO is best?

A Detailed Guide to Selecting the Top Aquafresh RO Water Purifier

There are various varieties of models and working procedures, deciding on the most suitable Aquafresh RO water purifier for the requirements can feel daunting. This manual extensively explores the various options, taking into account factors like filtration methods, cost, and individual requirements. The Aquafresh RO Water Purifier stands out as the wide alternative for a water purifier in India, which is offering a complete solution for clean and pure drinking water. It has advanced multi-stage filtration methods, which incorporates RO, UF, and TDS control, which productively removes a wide range of impurities and contaminants, making it versatile and suitable for various water sources.

Aquafresh water purifiers come equipped with advanced RO, UV, and UF Technology that effectively eliminate microbes, germs, bacteria, and viruses, while also reducing excess TDS, blocking harmful impurities and chemical contaminants. These purifiers ensure that essential minerals are preserved in the drinking water. Additionally, the water quality is continuously monitored automatically without needing user intervention. You can experience clean and safe drinking water with our aquafresh ro system. Aquafresh RO Water Purifier offers a wide range of reliable and efficient RO systems for your home. With advanced purification technology and trusted performance, our RO systems ensure the removal of harmful contaminants, providing you with pure and refreshing water. 

Meeting your requirements:

Discovering your prefer Requirements:

Quality of Water:

  • First of all, evaluate the quality of your water by conducting tests to identify any impurities.
  • This will aid in selecting the appropriate filtration methods such as RO, UV, or UF.
  • When considering your budget, Aquafresh provides a range of models in different price brackets, so it's advisable to establish a practical budget to streamline your options.
  • Take into account your family size and water consumption habits when choosing a model with a storage tank size that can accommodate your daily water requirements.
  • Moreover, think about the features you desire, such as mineral retention, TDS adjustment, smart capabilities, or unique designs.


Aquafresh Model Exploration: 

On the basis of following main features of their RO Purifier categorized by Aquafresh:

Budget-Friendly Values:

  • There are various Budget-friendly Value Series models give basic RO filtration, which is suitable for areas with high Series alternatives include RO+UV technology for removing bacteria and viruses and handle dissolved solids, making them ideal for areas with moderate water quality issues.
  • Advanced Series models go a step further by including RO+UV+UF filtration for regions with significant impurity levels.
  • Smart Series units are applied with advanced qualities like app connectivity and real-time monitoring for added convenience.

Some of the considering Factors keep in mind before selecting Aquafresh RO Water purifier:

  • Preservation: It is important the Aquafresh RO Water Purifier needs daily basis changing of its filters. Factors in these prices.
  • Wastage of Water: The traditional RO procedures resulting the water wastage. If this is a big concern then you can search like zero wastage models or any other technologies.
  • Reputed Brand and Warranty:  Select a reputable brand which provides a trustable warranty for added surety.


Here is the listing of some ideal models of Aquafresh with their main features:

Name of Model

Key Features





This is budget – friendly and good RO Filtration



This is reasonable and compactable


There are basic features but no UV&UF



Water Purifier with RO and UV Filtration Technology and 12-Liter Capacity.



It is ideal for killing bacteria and viruses, with a satisfactory capacity.

There is Absence of UF with restricted functionalities.



Aqua Grand Plus

It has three stages of filtration such as RO+UV+UF filtration, 15 liters   Pure Water On Tap: 15L Tank with Advanced RO+UV+UF Filtration.



It has widest purification and vast capacity.


It has high cost thing.


Smart RO +UV+UF

It contains Modern Features such as RO+UV+UF, 12 Liters.

It has Seamless application integration, live updates, and thorough purification.

It is costly which needs of Smartphone.


If you consider looking at different well-known brands in addition to Aquafresh to compare their features and prices, as the most suitable model for you will depend on your individual requirements and preferences.

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